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The EUSEC mission to train the Congolese armed forces has been running since May 2005, making it one of the longest-running EU Security and Defence Policy training missions.
He said AFRICOM was working well with EU officials on the ground in several African nations, notably in DR Congo, where the EU has been running its EUSEC training mission for Congolese army officers since 2005 and the US has recently launched a programme to train up a battalion of 800-1,000 troops.
The EU Council adopted, on 15 June, without debate, a joint action extending and amending joint action on the EU mission to provide advice and assistance for security sector reform in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (EUSEC RD Congo mission).
The European Commission also runs an assistance programme for Congo: the EUSEC security cooperation mission already in place and the EUPOL police mission.
The expansion and prolongation of the civilian security sector reform mission (EUSEC RD Congo) will be discussed at the June Council.
Ministers are expected to confirm the deployment of the EUPOL DR Congo police mission in the eastern part of the country and the extension to June 2009 of the civilian mission providing security sector reform, EUSEC DR Congo.
EU security sector reform mission (EUSEC), DR Congo (June 2005-June 2009).
Such services already exist within EUFOR Chad (3517) and EUSEC and EUPOL DR Congo (which share an gender equality advisor as well as human rights and children affected by armed conflict experts.
The Council of the EU's foreign ministers decided to prolong, on 16 June, the mandate for the mission led under the European Security and Defence Policy to help the Congolese authorities in putting in place a national army in the Congo (EUSEC DRC) for a period of 12 months from 1 July 2008.
The first concerns security sector reform (EUSEC), with the aim of achieving "tangible" progress on the payment chain to ensure more reliable payment of military staff salaries.
"A plan to reform the armies, in which EUSEC cooperated, is under the authorities but it is evident that the priority has been given to settling instability in the regions," he added.