EUSIDICEuropean Society for Information Dissemination In Chemistry
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EUSIDIC itself (which only a decade before boasted of being "the largest association of its kind in Europe," including major users, publishers, and information distributors from every European nation and representing "the widest set of interest in what is prospected to be the 21st century's major industry") simply evaporated upon the untimely death of its then-current executive secretary and champion documentalist Johan van Halm.
The EUSIDIC Conference is aimed at knowledge workers and managers, content owners, information providers, digital publishers, information specialists, consultants and all those who need to keep abreast of current ideas, strategies and techniques available for content management.
The alliance will initially bring together NFAIS's membership of approximately 50 information producers and providers with EUSIDIC's membership of approximately 100 information services, intermediaries, users, and providers.
Barry Mahon, executive director of EUSIDIC, gave a conference paper with the title "Where Do We Go from Here?" but with the postscript: And where is here?
In the Victorian Russell Hotel the first day, it felt like a typical EUSIDIC conference with speakers from various countries and nationalities.
"EUSIDIC Annual Conference 1992 -- How should CD-ROMs be priced?" Information World Review.
As a write-up for Jacky Berry, the British Medical Association librarian and one of the EUSIDIC speakers, put it: "Imagine this scenario....
The Danish Hour, a EUSIDIC tradition of spotlighting speakers from the host country, featured Mogens Sanfaer, from the Technical University of Denmark, speaking on Elephants, Mice and Hot Air: Planning Library Services for the Global Information Grid.
MO: Besides this annual conference, what does EUSIDIC offer its members?
EUSIDIC Annual Conference 2007 serves as a platform for information industry leaders, top IT specialists, information policymakers, library and information leaders, and intellectual luminaries to discuss Web 2.0 and Library 2.0 developments.
Association Conferences: NFAIS, ASIDIC, and EUSIDIC
Barry Mahon, former executive director of the International Council for Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI), EUSIDIC, the European Association of Information Services, and former consultant to the European Union, is now a consultant in information systems and services in France and Ireland.