EUUEU Upplysningen
EUUEnd User Update
EUUEdinburgh University Union (est. 1889; University of Edinburgh; Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
EUUEnd User Undertaking (export license application; UK)
EUUEuropean Unitarian Universalist
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The company also mentioned that Meyer will remain as EUU's corporate secretary.
(14) [OMEGA] [equivalent to] Euu' = [[sigma].sup.2.sub.[eta](I.sub.N] [cross product] [I.sub.T]) + [[sigma].sup.2.sub.v]([l.sub.N][l'.sub.N] [cross product] [M.sub.[rho])
But the Commission concluded that the change from joint to sole control would not give rise to any competition concerns even in the narrowest definition of the markets.Then, on 22 August, the EUu executive referred the proposed acquisition by the Belgian beer company Interbrew SA of the brewing and distribution assets currently owned by the British company Bass to the United Kingdom competition authorities for investigation.