EUVSExposition Universelle des Vins et Spiritueux (French: Universal Exposition of Wines and Spirits; France)
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After calculation of routes from all potential CLT locations to the users, PLs on the optimum EFV and EUV routes shall be summed up for each CLT location separately:
where [Q.sub.EFVi] is the sum of PLs in the EFV route, [Q.sub.ENFi] is the sum of PLs in the EUV route, n is the total number of links on the optimum routes, and m is the total number of CLT locations to be chosen.
Criterion functions ([L.sub.i]) assigned to each location, which serve to rank locations, shall be obtained as a difference between the sum of PLs on the optimum EFV ([Q.sub.EFVi]) and EUV ([Q.sub.ENFi]) routes.
In addition to CLT location planning, the GMM presented in this paper proposes the routes of EFV and EUV vehicles serving to supply the CLT users.
In the second phase, the PL values are assigned to the network branches and the optimum routes of EFV and EUV transport means from each CLT location to the users are defined.
In addition, a location shall be chosen based on the costs of the logistics distributors; namely, the EUV route with the minimum sum of PLs will be chosen.
EFV and EUV routes on the location [GLT.sub.3] are shown in Figure 7.
Finally, ErgoLight Operation Recording Suite (EORS) and Usability Validation Suite (EUVS) [ErgoLight Usability Software 1998] offer a number of facilities for managing usability evaluations, both local and remote, as well as facilities for merging data from multiple users.
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