EVALSEnhanced Voice and Location Services (Sprint)
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Evals addresses the workflow and tracking challenges of fire departments and EMS organisations through the application of software as a service and mobile technology.
Your eval is basically a two-page representation of you and the last thing you want is to present a negative reflection of yourself.
Your eval or FITREP has the power to make or break you, especially during a chief or officer selection board.
The beginning of the current eval has to be the day after the end of the previous eval.
Port, the language contained in an eval should be simple, not a reflection of one's ability to look up synonyms in a thesaurus.
Some misconceptions in the past make analysts believe that Evals are not important or appreciated by the commander.
One of the best tools that is sometimes overlooked is the Intelligence Information Report (IIR) Evaluation, also commonly referred to as an Eval. I have heard the complaints about the Eval program in Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Collector units, in Counterintelligence (CI) units, as part of national intelligence analysis organizations, and now currently as a Department of the Army G2 and customer of intelligence reporting and products.
Low Value may be given with many additional questions that can lead to a much better Eval on a collection requirement that your unit issued.
HOT-R is a Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) system that has been adopted across the DOD IC as a common IIR, Notice of Intelligence Potential, SDR, and IIR EVAL publishing system.
Instead of processing links and evals on internal microtree vertices, we determine, using any simple dominators algorithm, whether the dominators of such vertices are internal to their microtrees, and if so we compute them directly, using memoization to eliminate redundant computation.
As we will show, this process allows us to avoid performing links and evals within nontrivial microtrees.
This allows us to perform evals only on parents of microtree roots: the PXDOM pushing effectively substitutes for the evals on vertices inside the microtrees.