EVAPEvaporative Emission (automotive)
EVAPEmergency Vehicle Accident Prevention
eVAPEvaluation, Assessment and Policy (Connections)
EVAPEnvironmental Analysis & Planning (Frostburg State University)
EVAPEtoposide, Vinblastine, Doxorubicin and Prednisolone (chemotherapy regimen)
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Both the CarbonClean System and the EVAP LeakChek have received the prestigious Motor Magazine Top 20 Tool Award.
This product received certification from the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) and the State of California mandated that all service stations purchase EVAP testers to help reduce or fix the number of gas and emission leaking cars on the road.
010” standard as with Chrysler, Tests natural vacuum EVAP systems, easy to read flow control knob position, vacuum and pressure decay gauge, and is portable for easy storage.
Using new generation technology, Pressure and Vacuum EVAP monitoring/testing is now possible with one Diagnostic Smoke vapor leak detector.
Smoke test with OEM EVAP Approved UltraTraceUV[R] dye smoke solution (the smoke that won't stink
Perfect for safer EVAP testing, the optional Inert Gas Pack provides a clean and dry pressure source for a pure OEM EVAP Approved leak test.
In the news release, ESP's EVAP is First Low-Pressure Fuel Evaporative System Testing Unit BAR-Certified Under New California Smog Check Regulations, issued Friday, Aug.
The BAR-Certified EVAP unit is an innovative solution engineered specifically to help California achieve its clean air goals under the new emission regulations.
ESP's EVAP is a portable, automated, self-contained testing unit, which is easy to operate and provides accurate results in all types of environmental conditions -- and with the speed that operators need.
Smog Check station owners and managers are currently working with ESP sales teams to purchase EVAP units before the Nov.
Smoke test with OEM EVAP Approved UltraTraceUV dye smoke solution (the smoke that won't stink
Note: The baseline for measuring emissions from the main stack was established by the Peruvian government in its first Preliminary Environmental Evaluation, which is known by its Spanish initials, EVAP.