EVATExpanded Value Added Tax
EVATEngagé Volontaire de l’Armée de Terre
EVATEducation Via Advanced Technologies
EVATExtended Value Added Tax (Philippines)
EVATEnvironment for Visualization and Analysis of Trees (software)
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Participants voluntarily and anonymously completed the original Spanish language version of sixteen items of the EVAT scale.
Participants voluntarily and anonymously completed the Portuguese language version of the EVAT scale.
To create the Portuguese and Italian versions of the EVAT, back translation processes were followed based on the method proposed by Brislin (1986).
Firstly, we ran Confirmatory Factor Analyses (CFA's) in order to assess the EVAT construct's structure on each of the three samples independently.
Since the goal of the present study is focused on demonstrating that the construct structure of the EVAT scale is conceptually equivalent across the samples from the three different countries, we concentrated on evaluating the tests related to measurement invariance: configural and metric invariance.
In other words, the EVAT scale and its underlying constructs, conceptually mean the same thing across individuals from the three different countries.
Thus, it appears that the EVAT measure is conceptually equivalent across all three groups, and between each possible pair of groups.
Our results suggest that the original Spanish version of the EVAT scale and the recently developed Portuguese and Italian versions were equivalent across the three cultures we sampled.
Uno strumento per la misura dei valori professionali: propieta psicometriche della escala de valores hacia el trabajo EVAT.