EVBLEdelkatzen Verein Bergisch Land (German: Noble Cats Bergisch Country Club)
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In 86 patients 207 EVBL sessions were done with minimum 1 and maximum 10 with average 2.
Sixty five patients (85%) had pain during the initial post EVBL days likely because of esophageal spasm and 21 (15%) after one week because of ulcer formed at variceal slough off sites.
EVBL is preferred treatment in esophageal varices2,4.
Unusual complications associated with EVBL are perforation, stenosis and mesenteric vein thrombosis14-17.
In our study, amongst the pain group immediate post EVBL pain was observed in 85% due to esophageal spasm and in 15% after a week due to esophageal ulcer formation.
Post EVBL pain is a common problem that has been mentioned in a number of studies but has never been stressed upon regarding its details like frequency, character and severity which are highlighted in this study.
0% in sucralfate and lidocain: antacid 50: 50 solution respectively and signifies that both medicines are effective in controlling post EVBL pain.
Pharmacological and EVBL is recommended mode of treatment for the control of esophageal variceal bleed.
14,15 Immediate Post EVBL pain is because of esophageal spasm.
56%) patients were pain free in on 2nd day of post EVBL pain and 41(89.
Keeping effectivity of this medicine in post EVBL pain in mind its availability can be stressed upon.
Both Sucralfate and lidocain: antacid solutions are effective in post EVBL pain relief.