EVEDAEstancia Valley Economic Development Association (Moriarty, NM)
EVEDAEconomic Value Engine for Damage Analysis (Security Intelligence Products & Systems)
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During the EVEDA phase, only the low energy section, which is the most challenging one, will be tested: the beam energy will reach 9 MeV at the end of the first cryomodule, while in IFMIF three extra cryomodules will bring the energy to 40 MeV that is required to optimize the production of neutrons.
The contract covers the implementation, delivery and commissioning in Japan, on the site of Rokkasho-Mura, equipment cryogenic distribution of the cryogenic plant linear accelerator prototype Ifmif / EVEDA project.
To achieve these goals, a first phase called EVEDA (Engineering Validation Engineering Design Activity), aims to build a prototype accelerator scale of 1 to 9 Mev but only called Lipac (Linear IFMIF Prototype Accelerator).