EVFElectronic Viewfinder
EVFEnterrement de Vie de Fille
EVFElectronic View Finder
EVFEaton Vance Senior Income Trust
EVFÉducation à la Vie Familiale
EVFEndovascular Forum
EVFEuropean Venous Forum
EVFEkal Vidyalaya Foundation (charity)
EVFExpeditionary Fighting Vehicle (US DoD)
EVFExpertise et Valorisation Foncières (French: Land Tenure and Valuation Expertise)
EVFEnterococci Virulence Factors
EVFEarly Vertical Forearm
EVFElbeuf Vallée Forêt
EVFEagle View Farms
EVFEye View Finder (cameras/camcorders)
EVFEvert Vermeer Foundation
EVFExtravascular Fluid
EVFEnergy Venture Fair
EVFErwinia Virulence Factor
EVFEuropäische Vereinigung der Fleckviehzüchter
EVFEnvironmental Veterans Firm
EVFEkonomikas un Vadibas Fakultate
EVFExamination of Visual Function
EVFElectric Vehicles Finland OY
EVFElectric Vio Fan
EVFElectroviscous Fluids
EVFEtoile de Vie le Fenouiller
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The EVF, along other national bodies and authorities, has been actively involved in diverse activities to protect the Kuwaiti environment and to combat harmful acts and negative behaviour such as littering the beaches and the seabed.
The receiver stressed that an outright cash and asset contribution will clearly help in the enhancement of the financial growth of the EVF.
Aside from this, the a6000 includes the usual Sony bells and whistles like a 3 inch tilting LCD screen with a resolution of 921K dots, an EVF with 1.
However, Deutsche Bank stopped offering EVF to clients after the Eurostat ruling on Riga.
In the case of the power function the logarithmic transformation is applied, whereas for the EVF the appropriate transformation is the complementary log-log, so that
Uyemura's position as a leading provider of final finishes, including immersion silver, RMK immersion tin, electroless gold, ENIG, and EVF via fill make it a perfect fit for the region.
One that has reached our ears repeatedly of late is that our EVF bath via fill requires a pre-dip.
Thru-Cup EVF has become North America's leading blind via acid copper DC Electroplate.
Focus peaking allows users to highlight the area of the image that is in focus from within the EVF or LCD monitor.