EVHEdward Van Halen
EVHEndoscopic Vein Harvesting
EVHEmployers in Voluntary Housing (est. 1978)
EVHEnsemble Vocal de l'Hurepoix (French: Vocal Ensemble of Hurepoix; Hurepoix, France)
EVHEucapnic Voluntary Hyperpnoea (respiratory test)
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Accordingly, the purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of 400 [micro]g of inhaled salbutamol on 3 km running time-trial performance in an EIB provocative environment (humidity 20-25% the minimum humidity attainable in the environmental chamber) in EVH+ve and EVH negative (EVH-ve) individuals, in line with the notion outlined by Sue-Chu et al., (2012) that dry air is more provocative for EIB.
The indirect tests include physical tests, eucapnic voluntary hyperpnea challenge test (EVH) and osmotic challenge test.
Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting (EVH) offers patients a minimally invasive alternative for obtaining the vein or artery.
SKMC has introduced the Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting (EVH), a less-invasive option for obtaining a vein or artery through one to three very small incisions.
"Then my doctor John Rogers recommended I went to do an EVH test which measures your lung function.
The complaints allege that Terumo infringes two MAQUET United States patents through the manufacture, use, sale, and/or importation of its VirtuoSaph endoscopic vessel harvesting (EVH) system.
Instead of making patients hyperventilate, the EVH test will trigger an asthma attack in the controlled environment of the lab to confirm an asthma diagnosis.
Boston Scientific's Cardiac Surgery, based in San Jose, California, manufactures and sells EVH, anastomosis, surgical ablation, stabilisers and instruments for surgery on beating hearts.
Northern Racing's efforts to boost non-raceday income paid off with turnover in its events and hospitality (EVH) division rising 20%.