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EVI1Ecotropic Virus Integration 1 (gene)
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Cryptic 3q26 aberrations partly explain abnormal expression of EVI1 in AML cases without cytogenetically recognizable translocations in this locus.
Clinical and prognostic significance of EVI1 epression in acute myeloid leukemia [dissertation].
High levels of expression of several genes including EVI1, BAALC, MN1, and ERG have been found to be prognostically relevant in AML [8, 9].
AMLprofiler is designed to detect low expression levels of BAALC and high expression levels of EVI1 genes.
The most important gene relevant to this review at the chromosome 3q26.2 locus is EVI1. (22-24) EVI1 (Figure 2, A), a proto-oncogene, is a nuclear transcription factor containing 2 domains of zinc finger (ZF) repeats of 7 and 3 at its N- and C-termini, respectively.
Whether Evi1 overexpression plays class II-like roles is also not clear.
(2013) The shortest isoform of C/ EBPbeta, liver inhibitory protein (LIP), collaborates with Evi1 to induce AML in a mouse BMT model.
Arsenic trioxide and thalidomide combination produces multi-lineage hematological responses in myelodysplastic syndromes patients, particularly in those with high pre-therapy EVI1 expression.
Interestingly, CDH2/4/6/17-enriched genes including two SC-TFs (MCM2 and FOXM1) were mainly grouped into a cluster that can be regulated by Nuclear Transcription Factor Y (NFY) and/or MECOM (EVI1) (Table 3), both of which have been reported to be involved in stem cell regulation [41, 42].
(10) Acute myeloid leukemias with more uncommon rearrangements of t(6; 9) with DEK-NUP214 fusion, inv(3) or t(3; 3) with RPN1MECOM (EVI1) fusion, and t(1; 22) with RBM15-MKL1 fusion are also considered to be discrete WHO subtypes.
Several of them are oncogenes, such as the BCL2, MYB, EVI1, TCL1B, and RUNX1 genes.