EVIPExecutive VIP (Very Important Person)
EVIPEmergency Vehicle Incident Prevention
EVIPEdify Voice Interaction Platform (Edify Corporation)
EVIPEffectiveness Verification Improvement Program
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An analysis of variance (ANOVA) revealed no significant difference between the experimental group (M = 17.33, SD = 9.34) and the control group (M = 21.63, SD = 9.26) from the EVIP raw scores, F(1,16) = 0.90, p = .36, [[eta].sub.2] = 06.
A Pearson's r was computed to access the relationship between raw EVIP scores and TEC (pre-test) scores.
Concurrent validity and discriminant validity measures were obtained by comparing the results of a Pearson correlation between the EPE-AE data in each domain and the student scores on the Echelle de vocabulaire en images Peabody (EVIP) and the French Canadian Weschler Individual Achievement Test (WIAT-II) reading subtest.
Table 2 below presents the results of the Pearson correlations and their associated coefficients of determination for the correlations between the scores on the EPE-AE and the EVIP and WIAT-II.
EPE-AE domains showed excellent concurrent and discriminant validity with regards to the EVIP and the WIAT-II "gold standards." Since both tests measure early reading skills, it is not surprising that the domains addressing these skills in whole or in part--Awareness of Self and Environment, Cognitive Ability, and Language and Communication--had relatively high correlation coefficients with the "gold standards," thereby suggesting strong concurrent validity.
EVIP 9.0 integrates powerful automation software with an open, extensible architecture that supports enterprise requirements to integrate emerging standards and technologies such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), VoiceXML and SALT.
EVIP 9.0 comes at a time when the move towards the convergence of voice and data has become inevitable for global enterprises.
"With the release of EVIP 9.0, enterprises can now take advantage of technology innovations to create a new and better way to implement speech technology within their organization while drastically reducing telephony infrastructure costs," said Mitch Mandich, president and CEO at Edify Corporation.
Les covariables << vocabulaire receptif >> (EVIP) F(1, 850) = 14.03, p < .001, r = .13 et << performance en mathematiques >> (CAT/2) F(1, 850) = 88.52, p < .001, r = .29 sont reliees significativement a la reussite scolaire en ecriture.
Les covariables vocabulaire receptif (EVIP) F(1, 795) = 34.74, p < .001, r = .21 et performance en mathematiques (CAT/2) F(1, 795) = 51.11, p < .001, r = .24 sont reliees significativement a la reussite scolaire en lecture.
Les scores obtenus au Stroop, a I'EVIP et, dans une moindre mesure, au WCST-bonnes reponses ont a la fois des coefficients standardises et des correlations avec la variable canonique relativement eleves, suggerant qu'il s'agit des variables contribuant le plus au modele.
Quant aux eleves qui ont un TOP, leur performance moyenne les distingue significativement des temoins au Stroop et a I'EVIP.