EVISEast View Information Services (Minneapolis, MN)
EVISEvaluation Information System
EVISEndoscopic Video Information System (medical computer product)
EVISEnterprise Video Integration System (software)
EVISErgometer Vibration Isolation System
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She sits at her dining-room table, taking drags on a slim cigarette, facing a big Stass Paraskos on the wall -- the house is full of art, some of it brought by her parents when they fled Palestine in 1948 -- and we tend to talk in circles, hitting the same few landmarks: Evis, theatre, and the deterioration of everything.
EVIs goal is to build the largest distributor of commercial laundry products and the most robust service network in North America, and the completion of this acquisition is consistent with this objective.
Based on these results, this prospective, randomized, open-label clinical trial is going to evaluate the effects of sarpogrelate versus clopidogrel based dual antiplatelet therapies in FP arterial EVIs.
Cooperative codes are assigned according to a cooperative's ranking by EVI, using the basic interest rate for the 1992-96 period (table 2, column 2).
Evis Lin, AVP of Enterprise Product Business Unit at Acer, said: "The new F2 line of server products represents our continuous strive to provide even more robust solutions for the modern business, enterprise and datacenter.
Organiser MICHAEL EVIS revealed he was struggling to get STEVIE WONDER to perform this summer until 2008 wildcard JAY-Z intervened.
TELEGRAPH READER HOLIDAYS - visit Journey through America's musica heartand Berry, Hank Wiiams, Patsy Cine, Doy Parton and, of course, Evis Presey.
Olympus cited as factors behind the record sales and profits the good sales of E-510 digital single-lens reflex cameras, Camedia FE series compact digital cameras, and a range of endoscopy systems, including the Evis Exera II high-definition video endoscopy systems.
The individual components of eviprostat were used at a dose equivalent to EVIs at 1350 mg/kg; that is, EVI-1 at 37.
Evis Lucera - a digestive tract video scope used for observing of blood vessels in mucous membranes under infrared light.