EVKEvangelisches Krankenhaus (German: Lutheran Hospital)
EVKEmpfohlener Verkaufspreis (German)
EVKEerder Verworven Kwalificaties (Dutch: Previously Acquired Qualifications)
EVKElektronisch Visualisieren Klassifizieren (German: Electronic Visualization classifying; Austria)
EVKEthyl Vinyl Ketone (chemistry)
EVKElektronik Von Kerschhaggl (German: Electronics from Kerschhaggl; est. 1982; Austria)
EVKEmerald Valley Kitchen
EVKEnsemble Vocal Katimavik (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
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(iv) [Eval.sub.evk] (f, [c.sub.1], [c.sub.2], ..., [C.sub.l]): input the evaluation key evk, function f, and ciphertexts [c.sub.1], [c.sub.2], ..., [C.sub.l] and output a ciphertext [C.sub.j] [member of] C that is obtained by applying the function f: [M.sup.l][right arrow] M to [c.sub.1], [c.sub.2], ..., [c.sub.l].
The many ethnoveterinary projects and proposals identified at the November 1997 Pune conference in India signaled a worldwide recognition and appreciation of the potential of EVK in the development of livestock industry [221].
The FT 6000 EVK IzoT in a Box' includes evaluation boards based on the FT 6050 System-on-Chip (SoC), a router to connect the FT-based device network to Ethernet, development tools to develop devices and applications on the boards, and software to commission and manage the device network.
Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT) is EVK's and Insort's proprietary solution that utilizes unique software and algorithms that process the information from the hyperspectral sensors to evaluate the chemical composition of the potato to determine the presence of sugar ends, dry matter, and percent of solids.
Eugene products: Salsas, bean dips and hummus, including EVK 3 Bean Dip, EVK Mango Salsa and EVK Original, Greek Olive and Garlic hummus.
* and even if you take fillers which are easy to disperse and which don't need high shear forces, the physical data achieved up to now permit the application of MVX or EVK or ZSK in very specific situations only.
Treatt plc has added the highly concentrated, natural Ethyl Vinyl Ketone (EVK) ex Orange fraction to its product range.
Major enhancements from the previous SN8200 EVK include: Support for the latest Murata EZ Web Wizzard[TM] software as well as all previous software releases; Support of the Broadcom WICED SDK; Jumper switches that easily connect the on-board module to the customer's target host MCU/CPU; and On-board serial flash for OTA software development.