EVMTEuropean Voynich Manuscript Transcription
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Using this, we now perform a sanity check on the reported trip distance from MyFord Mobile and the distance traveled as a sum of eVMT distance and fuel distance.
In this section we present results on the eVMT fraction obtained by real world customers on our Ford Energi products including the Ford Fusion Energi (2013MY - 2016MY) and the Ford C-Max Energi (2013MY - 2016MY).
7, we show the impact of this on the actual eVMT fraction of the total distance.
In order to better understand the eVMT fraction reported in Fig.
We use vehicle age to study eVMT fraction rather than calendar date of trips.
In figure 8, we present our findings of eVMT fraction that are found using our method.
We observe in figure 9 that the fluctuations in eVMT fraction can be attributed to the varying mean ambient temperature of the population of vehicles.
Additionally, from figure 9, we now calculate the effect of ambient temperature on the eVMT distance obtained.
We call this sample of ~900 vehicles the same season vehicles, as the purpose of this selection is to follow these vehicles through the seasons and observe the seasonality effect on eVMT fraction.
11, we clearly see the seasonality effect on eVMT fraction in PHEVs.
In this paper, we developed a method using real world customer data that evaluated the Electric Vehicle Miles Traveled (eVMT) which originate is grid electrical power.
A major source of Things Gone Wrong (TGWs) on customer surveys could be the reduced eVMT fraction in winter months.