EVOCEnterprise Virtual Operations Center (EDS)
EVOCEnterprise Virtual Operating Center
EVOCEast Village Opera Company (New York)
EVOCEmergency Vehicle Operations Course
EVOCEdinburgh Voluntary Organisations Council (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
EVOCEmergency Vehicle Operator Certification
EVOCExtra Vehicle Operating Costs
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Con base en los resultados del analisis lexicografico, el programa EVOC permite crear categorias para su estudio posterior.
EVOC retraining is offered to military police Soldiers/ DACPs based on need.
Sendo Ft a frequencia de todos os termos evocados e processados pelo EVOC e Fp a frequencia dos termos que, dentre os evocados, foram considerados pelos participantes como os tres mais importantes.
The EVOC program offered by MIIA provides officers with training to handle scenarios they encounter every day, whether responding to an emergency or just patrolling the community.
A analise do software EVOC inclui o elemento ajuda no nucleo central da representacao (Tabela 1).
Tommy, Liz, Pat, and their husbands Jake and Mick began raising funds for EVOC, starting with a concert at the Dockers' Club in Clubmoor where Tommy and Margaret had spent many happy times.
A partir dos parametros estabelecidos com o auxilio do software EVOC, foram consideradas somente as palavras que tivessem uma frequencia minima de 10 citacoes, o que levou a um conjunto de 15 palavras mais frequentes, as quais estiveram presentes em 70% das evocacoes, o que aponta para um percentual elevado de representacoes sociais em comum.
Another thing in the EVOC booth that caught people' s eyeballs was a variety show, presenting a wide range of performances and activities, such as electronic music performance, magic show, and gift presentation, etc.
The vision has been solid from the beginning--to provide better situational awareness to decision makers in an easy-to-use application that brings together information from applications that were previously stovepiped," explains David Brown, an EDS employee and the EVOC project manager for Anaheim.
SUPPORT group EVOC, which was set up to help women suffering Endometrial, Vulval, Ovarian and Cervical cancers, was launched in January this year and was granted charity status in September.
Thus, through the segment RANGMOT of EVOC 2003, which classifies the words in lexical inflows and according to the occurrence of evocations, based on the calculation of simple and cumulative frequencies, it was possible to construct Table 3, which has evoked the 17 words more often, in order from 1st to 5th evocation.
Emergency Vehicle Operations Course, EVOC for short, is a favorite of the students, drill instructors said.