EVPNEthernet Vpn
EVPNEmbedded Virtual Private Network (computer networking)
EVPNEnhanced Virtual Private Network
EVPNEthernet Virtual Private Network
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Broadcom TD3 brings benefits like improved scalability and performance, while Cumulus Linux EVPN offers operational simplicity along with Cumulus NetQ support to validate and troubleshoot EVPN.
The project will increase the total number of AT&T-managed EVPN sites to more than 5,500.
The solution uses control plane learning using EVPN, network segmentation and virtualization using VXLAN, multihoming for redundancy, ACL/QoS policies for fine grained control of member traffic, support for sFlow and management automation.
The company also announced plans to launch Ethernet Wireline (EWL) and Ethernet Virtual Private Network (EVPN) services in Q4 2011.
AT&T said that it will implement and manage Amtrak's Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) and Enhanced Virtual Private Network (EVPN) to help connect over 400 locations and converge multiple networks to a single, global network platform.
The latest Solar 5.0 chip technology provides a wealth of service features and flexible programmability, supports three typical Ethernet VPN (EVPN) applications and the next-generation unified high-performance tunnel protocolSR, and provides complete multicast VPN technologies, achieving smooth evolution and upgrades.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-22 August 2007-USPS awards USD22m to AT&T Government Solution for EVPN services(C)1994-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.m2.com
The connections are all fiber-based evpn with 1gbit bandwidth and terminated in a switch, Which locally is also lan switch.
A USD250,000 contract has been awarded to US telecomms holding company AT&T Inc to provide an enhanced virtual private network (EVPN) for Magneti Marelli Controle Motor Ltda, a designer and manufacturer of automotive parts.
) and the provision of l2 / l3 services to the access layer (point-to-point ethernet l2 vpn, Vpls, Vprn, Evpn, Vxlan, L2 / l3 multicast services, ...).
Other network protocols, like SR or EVPN will also help to provide a unified service bearer model.
The device plane innovatively introduces Segment Routing, EVPN and OSP-TE protocols, simplifying bearer device control plane protocols and unifying the service model to implement the whole automated management life cycle of the bearer network.