EVPSEast View Primary School (Singapore)
EVPSEast Valley Paranormal Society (Mesa, AZ)
EVPSEuropean Volume Payment Solution
EVPSEquipment Vendor Professional Services
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For both EVPS and 30-plus-year coal industry supplier LMS, operator support has been and will continue to be key to its future.
Installation of EVPS sensors at more intersections would not only minimise traffic disruption for ambulances and civil defence vehicles but would also help save as many lives as possible in the event of emergencies," he explained.
The Ashghal official recalled that the first batch of 30 EVPS sensors were installed in various parts of Doha, beginning in April 2014.
The EVPS is an advanced system consisting of three units, installed on the traffic signals, described as intersection unit, vehicles (vehicle unit) and the Central Management Software that enables those manning the system devices and units ensure the efficiency of their performance and maintenance.
Now apart from the emergency ambulances, the EVPS is fitted mainly in the GDCD fire engines.
Los resultados obtenidos en estas sub-escalas reflejan el comportamiento y semejanza, en relacion con la escala total EVPS de Pender.
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