EVRMCEastern Visayas Regional Medical Center (The Philippines)
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When completed, EVRMC will be a modern teaching and training hospital with a 500-bed capacity serving the entire Eastern Visayas.
Nasopharyngeal swabs were collected from patients between 7 days and 14 years of age who visited the outpatient clinic at EVRMC and were hospitalized because they met the criteria for a diagnosis of severe pneumonia as defined by the World Health Organization, that is, "a child with cough or difficult breathing and with any of the following signs--any general danger signs (child unable to drink or breastfeed, child is lethargic or unconscious, child vomits everything, or convulsions), chest indrawing or stridor in a calm child--is classified as having severe pneumonia or very severe disease" (10).
In the case of EVRMC, the region's biggest public hospital, there are vacancies for 90 doctors.
EVRMC, along Magsaysay Boulevard in Tacloban, is to be transferred to Barangay Cabalawan in the northern part of the city after it was found to be in a danger zone vulnerable to storm surges.