EVRSEuropean Vertical Reference System
EVRSElectronic Vital Records System (various states)
EVRSEarly Ventricular Repolarization Syndrome (cardiac disease)
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The European vitreoretinal society (EVRS) also found that single treatment with anti-VEGF were greater to any form of combination therapy15.
Se tiene experiencia en Embodied Virtual Reality (EVR) ("Realidad Virtual Encarnada/empersonada") y la investigacion cientifica, asi como una amplia perspectiva de las implicaciones sociales.
Abbreviations AC: Anterior chamber AHFG: Anterior hyaloid fibrovascular proliferation ERM: Epiretinal membrane EVALP: Evaluation protocol EVRS: European Vitreoretinal Society Eyesi: Eye simulator (manufactured by VRmagic company) f/u: Follow-up g: Gauge GRT: Great retinal tears ILM: Inner limiting membrane mPa x s: Millipascal seconds med.: Medical P(D)VR: Proliferative (diabetic) vitreoretinopathy PFCL: Perfluorocarbon liquids PPV: Pars plana vitrectomy PVD: Posterior vitreous detachment SLP: Scheimpflug lens photography SO: Silicone oil SOT: Silicone oil tamponade SOP: Standard operation procedure TRD: Tractional retinal detachment VB: Vitreous body.
"However, the impact of the EVR segment cannot be lost on traditional retailers with high-cost structures because this segment, especially when combined with 'webtailing,' has the potential to take a significant portion of business away," says the publication.
The EVR class is significant to suppliers because it provides a potential distribution channel to compete with Wal-Mart Stores Inc.
In Europe the new European Vertical Reference Frame 2007 (EVRF 2007) was introduced on the basis of the European Vertical Reference System 2007 (EVRS 2007).
In Europe, the work to harmonize the height network (ULEN) and European Reference System definition of height (EVRS) (Sacher et al., 2008) is under way.
For most pelagic predators, predation is a function of encounter volume rate (EVR), defined as the volume of water the predator can search per unit time (Gerritsen and Strickler, 1977; Kiorboe, 2008, 2011; Colin et al., 2010).