EVRXExudative Vitreoretinopathy, Familial, X-Linked Recessive
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Currently, EVRX is one of three companies which have been selected by the Texas Department of Health to provide mold licensing courses within Texas.
Based on this tuition rate, EVRX will generate in excess of $100,000 in revenue during the month of February.
Each division is serviced at the EVRX clinics springing up nationwide in locations such as Conroe, Texas and Long Island, N.
Based on the current interest from these states EVRX is positioned to be a front runner in the education process.
EVRX subsidiary performed over $150,000 in remediation and air testing services in the last two quarters.
This newest product in the fight against mold and other airborne contagions is the latest revenue stream for EVRX.
EVRX brings together the various services under one roof.