EVSCEnvironmental Science (course; various schools)
EVSCEvansville Vanderburgh School Corporation
EVSCExternal Vehicle Speed Control (project; UK)
EVSCElectric Vehicle Society of Canada
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"Lampion Center holds EVSC very close to our heart.
There are now more than 70 community partners working inside the EVSC schools.
EVSC created the position of associate superintendent of family, school, and community partnerships to help build its community schools infrastructure.
When one EVSC school needed to grow its community outreach and organizing capabilities, the principal hired a successful beautician who had no education experience but did have a talent for building connections with people in the neighborhood.
EVSC also created a data warehouse, which also serves community partners when they need information to support programming, staffing, and grant writing.
Every few years, the EVSC community school staff members go on a listening tour with partners, parents, and schools to hear and see what's working, what's not, and what else is needed for success.
Transplanted hBMSCs Are Maintained in the EVSC Compartment of Rabbit Eyes for 10 Weeks.
To determine the exact localization of transplanted human bone marrow stromal cells within the EVSC compartment, we transplanted Dil-labeled hBMSCs and examined their localization in the EVSC by staining the sections with an antibody directed against smooth muscle actin that is specifically expressed in the smooth muscle cells of the tunica media of the choroidal vessels as well as in extravascular smooth muscle cells that are oriented longitudinally along the external surface of the vessel walls [28].
Here, we demonstrated that transplanted cells were retained across the EVSC covering 80% of the posterior surface for two weeks after transplantation.
Interestingly, after injection of a similar volume of dyes and narrow-size iron oxide nanoparticles into the EVSC of rabbit eyes, there was no significant change in choroidal thickness [26].
Some transplanted human cells were retained in the EVSC of rabbit eyes for 10 weeks following transplantation, without the need for immunosuppression with no indication of hemorrhages or inflammation.
Moreover, as the eye is considered immune-privileged and since hBMSCs are immunosuppressive and present low levels of antigen presenting MHCI and MHCII, our current and previous [12] studies suggest that allogeneic transplantation of these cells using our method in the EVSC compartment is predicted to be safe in patients with no need for immunosuppression.