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EVTAEuropean Vocational Training Association
EVTAEuropean Voice Teachers Association (Germany)
EVTAEmployment and Vocational Training Administration (Council of Labor Affairs; Taiwan)
EVTAElectronic Value Transfer Administrator (New York)
EVTAElham Valley Twinning Association (UK)
EVTAExploits Valley Tourism Association (Canada)
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28) A meta-analysis of treatment for 12,000 limbs concluded that foam sclerotherapy and EVTA were as effective as surgical stripping.
The next step in EVTA is the delivery of tumescent anesthesia (TA), a dilute, large-volume local anesthetic, into the perivenous space of the vein to be treated.
Thermal ablation begins only after DUS is used to confirm once again that the tip of the EVTA tool is at the desired starting point.
Other articles--all, of course, with Association permission --by Robert Edwin, for example, and Richard Miller, have appeared translated in various editions of Aktuell, the magazine of the BDG (Bundesverband Deutscher Gesangspadagogen) and Vox Humana, published by EVTA (European Voice Teachers Association).