EWBSExpanded Work Breakdown Structure
EWBSEmergency Warning Broadcasting System (Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union)
EWBSEdge Welded Bellows Solutions (UK)
EWBSEnglish War Bow Society
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NEC Corporation spearheaded the presentation on the Cloud-Based Disaster Management System with EWBS, while the NDRRMC discussed the prospects of Disaster Risk Reduction Management in the Philippines.
The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) also delivered a presentation on the initiatives that the agency is partaking in regarding the implementation of the EWBS service in accordance with the introduction of ISDB-T in the country.
In line with this, Sharp Corporation, represented by Senior Manager for New Business Development, Peter Villanueva, championed the only ISDB-T-ready Digital TV lineup with EWBS server at the Joint Workshop.
The Sharp Digital LED TV is equipped with a Receiver Module for EWBS - "a module which receives special signal for EWBS in one-segment broadcasting which triggers a television to switch on by itself to flash information.
Villanueva, people can benefit from Sharp ISDB-T-ready TV as it is equipped with EWBS, and uses a one-seg tuner during standby mode with lower power consumption of about 30mW - 95% lower than the full-segment tuner.