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"It was therefore decided by the club committee and encouraged by the EWCB that the most sensible way forward is to construct a new purpose built facility, with modern materials, energy efficient and with a much reduced ongoing annual capital expenditure."
We can start by demanding proper recognition by the EWCB.
THE EWCB announce Simon Jones needs a scan after a recurrence of his knee injury.
The EWCB should be sued under the Trades Description act, because they refuse to follow football and make it an open draw.
"The board avoided to process Aamir's visa along with other players as before applying for that it wants to get a go ahead from British High Commission and EWCB, with whom negotiations are already underway.
The former Glamorgan county chairman, who will succeed Lord MacLaurin as EWCB chairman on January 1, believes divisional cricket has so far failed to raise the standards as first anticipated.
SIR - Graham England (Letters, July 21) states that the England cricket team is in fact the England and Wales cricket team and he wonders where the W has gone to in the EWCB.
His teammate Simon Jones is also on the tour while David Morgan is a former Glamorgan chairman and Hugh Morris is currently the EWCB's acting chief executive.
Lewis has decided not to stand against his friend and Glamorgan chairman David Morgan, who is already working with the EWCB, and is a front-runner to replace MacLaurin.
"The impact of the EWCB slogan 'from the playground to the test arena' is beginning to be felt in North Wales, " said Smith, who coaches under-11, under-13 and under-15 sides at his club, Northop Hall.
The EWCB have set up a working group which will look into strengthening anti-doping policy.
'Clearly all the people who have gone on to fill senior positions at the EWCB (sic) are highly talented in their own fields but we like to think we've played a part in their development.