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EWEB has shelved that project in favor of lower-cost emergency water distribution points, the first of which is scheduled to be completed next year.
An EWEB spokesman said that Weyerhaeuser was doing "exactly what the contract allows them." EWEB paid to build one of the two turbine generators at the Weyerhaeuser mill 30 years ago and in exchange, gets 50% of the generated power.
The declaration is a precursor to EWEB selling its ownership in the wind farms.
EWEB estimates that 125 employees - about a quarter of its total workforce - are eligible to retire based on their age or years of service in the state's Public Employees Retirement System.
The deal for the city to buy the land from EWEB likely will be made in August because the DEQ said the cleanup was successful, city of Eugene economic development planner Anne Fifield said Tuesday.
Unlike the neighboring Springfield Utility Board, which buys all its power from the Bonneville Power Administration, EWEB generates some of its own power - a difference that has sometimes worked in favor of SUB, as it currently does, and sometimes in favor of EWEB.
This year's EWEB report contains a section that discusses lead contamination.
EWEB went to court after the trustees declined the utility's offer of $961,000 for the two parcels.
It caps a dispute that began in October 2010, when EWEB refused the newspaper's public-records request for the contract.
The workshops started in 2011 as a collaboration of 15 mainly local partners and the Extension Service in Lane County, using a yearly $3,000 to $4,000 grant from EWEB to cut the price of attendance per person from $50 to $25.
These new generation investments remain a small percentage of EWEB's overall power portfolio.
A recent commenter on The Register-Guard website said "EWEB's 'basic charge' for electricity was $6.50 per month in 2010.