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EWESEast-West Essence Society (Santa Ana, CA, USA)
EWESEcole Whitehorse Elementary School (Yukon Territory, Canada)
EWESElectronic Warfare Environmental Simulator
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"Thus, then, did we wait in great fear of mind till morning came, but when the child of morning, rosy-fingered Dawn, appeared, the male sheep hurried out to feed, while the ewes remained bleating about the pens waiting to be milked, for their udders were full to bursting; but their master in spite of all his pain felt the backs of all the sheep as they stood upright, without being sharp enough to find out that the men were underneath their bellies.
You are not wont to let the ewes go before you, but lead the mob with a run whether to flowery mead or bubbling fountain, and are the first to come home again at night; but now you lag last of all.
So saying, he dashed into the midst of the squadron of ewes, and began spearing them with as much spirit and intrepidity as if he were transfixing mortal enemies in earnest.
Top prices: Lambs (ppk) -G Roberts, Carreg y Fran, Siloam, Rhydlanfair; Lambs (ph) -AC & MO Jones, Carreg Coediog, Betws y Coed; Ewes -G & D Wynne, Bryn Fran, Eglwysbach; Beef (ppk) -CW Davies, Coed y Bryn, Llansannan (190-PS1,292); Beef (ph) -H Hughes ai fab, Ddolcastell, Rowen.
Having just 22 ewes, I have an enormous respect for those farmers who have hundreds!
Ewes (1428) - Nethermill (Tex) PS160.00; Middle Ballat (Suf) PS90.00; Wester Kepdowrie (BTex) PS89.00; Formal Farm (Mule) PS81.00; East Dowally (Chev) PS80.00; Victoria Farm (Cross) PS75.00; Wester Bowhouse (BFL) PS71.00; Newhouse of Glamis (BF) PS55.00.
Morris and Kenyon [7] and Kenyon et al [8,9] reported that there was no increase in birth weight or pre-weaning growth rates of triplet lambs when ewes were offered unrestricted (ad libitum) pasture allowances compared with pregnancy maintenance feeding levels in late pregnancy.
Events where some Northern Ewes took to the bush and set up highly sophisticated military camps, and trained the youth to go after those who voted for unification and kill them like flies, are re-germinating.
Mule ewes (2 crop) PS88.Texel shg rams PS310, PS260.
Ovulation rate was greater in the H-ED than in the control ewes. Ovulation rate tended to be positively correlated with the number of ovulatory follicles.
The strongest ewes were as dear as ever, Suffolk X to PS141 from DJ & P Parker.