EWGLIEuropean Working Group for Legionella Infections
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Other EWGLI member countries which are not signatories of the European Guidelines include Croatia, FYR of Macedonia, Russia, Israel, Romania and Switzerland.
The website is managed from London and the information is provided by members of EWGLI and EWGLINET.
Complete allelic profiles, according to the EWGLI typing scheme, were obtained for 9 clinical samples in the study.
Sex date Sample type 0203 M 13 Isolate and sputum 0205 F 13 Sputum 0260 F 17 Sputum 0263 F 17 Isolate and sputum 0293 M 18 Sputum 0295 M 18 Isolate and sputum 0300 M 18 Sputum 0351 F 20 Sputum 0353 M 20 Sputum 0372 M 20 Sputum 1107 F 30 Isolate and sputum EWGLI sequence-based Patient no.
Because the population of Lp1 clinical isolates found in Ontario appeared to be distinct from the isolates reported in the EWGLI database, we performed linkage analyses and looked at genetic diversity of our dataset compared to that of the EWGLI dataset.
This suggests that Ontario strains are phylogenetically related to strains found in the EWGLI dataset.
Each of the 5 remaining clonal groups contained only 2 STs with combinations of STs specific to Ontario or previously reported in the EWGLI database.
We next did an eBURST comparative analysis of the SBT dataset from Ontario with the EWGLI database.
Isolates from CG11 grouped within a CC comprising the highest number of EWGLI isolates (n = 490).
Comparative eBURST analysis between Ontario and EWGLI datasets grouped Ontario single isolates ST208 (n = 2) with ST257.