EWGSEnglish Woodland Grant Scheme (Forestry Commission; UK)
EWGSEastern Washington Genealogical Society (Spokane, WA)
EWGSEthernet Workgroup Switch
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The EWGS L5 is also fully compatible with Edius Ingest (for creating an Edius ingest station), SimulEdit (allowing Edius clients to work on clips while they are still ingesting) and Edius XRE (a turnkey edit station for bulk processing the final render and conform of Edius projects).
EWGS L5 provides a Gigabit Ethernet connection for each of the Edius workstations on the network.
The new GV EWGS L5 storage for Edius workgroups will be available next month for a suggested price of US$35,000.
The 50 hectares of woodland could also qualify for the EWGS Woodland Management Grant at pounds 30 per hectare.
Confusion has arisen through the assumption that the ELS will provide an alternative to EWGS.
Joint EWGS and ELS funding will provide a good opportunity for farmers and landowners to manage their holdings sustainably.