EWIREst West Informatique Roumanie (Romanian: East West Computers Romania; est. 1991; Bucharest, Romania)
EWIRElectronic Warfare Integrated Reprogramming
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For those unfamiliar with the EWIR process, reprogramming has four steps: 1) identify the threat change, 2) determine any impact on a system, 3) reprogram and test the resulting mission data (MD), and 4) quickly field updates to the warfighter.
While service applications may vary, steps in the EWIR process are common to all.
After the threat change is identified and validated by the cognizant national agency, the next step in the EWIR process is driven by the meticulous work of the systems engineers.
Laboratory testing and computer simulations continue to assist the engineers through the next step in the EWIR process--reprogramming and testing the new mission data.
This was the birth of the EW integrated reprogramming (EWIR) process.
This was the birth of the EWIR database, which gives total holding of emitter data, no matter how it is collected.
Syracuse, NY) has developed a new software tool that provides easier access to information contained in the EWIR Data Base (EWIRDB).
The simulator runs on Ada and Fortran and provides EWIR, kilting and DMA map data bases.