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EWKEther Works
EWKNewton, Kansas (Airport Code)
EWKEdelstahl Witten Krefeld GmbH (German: Witten-Krefeld Steel Works; now Deutsche Edelstahlwerke; Witten, Germany)
EWKEgon W Kreutzer (German bookseller)
EWKErich Wolfgang Korngold (composer)
EWKEisenwerke Kaiserslautern GmbH (Germany)
EWKElectric Winterization Kit
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The three primary components of productivity, ST, EWK and GY, had appropriate heritability values for increasing productivity and the three together can provide even greater benefits for the next generation of the Barbacena white maize landrace.
For the character EWK, the average of select progenies was 89.
Wage labour" at Chelsea was assigned by EWK and the management of CSR to a place of inferior status and was subjugated for the sake of shareholder wealth.
The specific locale of the Chelsea refinery permitted a consolidation of accounting at the top of the organizational hierarchy in Auckland, enabling EWK to exercise his patrimonial means of domination over CSR.
Not only did accounting facilitate a general, administrative power but also the personal, monarchic power of EWK.
EWK, the son of the founder, became general manager in 1880 and for 40 years controlled the company.
Other times EWK wanted further explanations of numbers submitted to Sydney.
In 1909, EWK again compared Chelsea to Pyrmont observing, ".
The autocratic management style of EWK was perpetuated by Miller at Chelsea, who considered himself an omnipotent presence as indicated by his correspondence with EWK and the Sydney head office.
Accounting was used to discipline the workers to ensure profitable outcomes for EWK and his fellow shareholders.
The VMI workflows allow EWK to manage and replenish inventories for our customers, thus providing a differentiated service," said Mr.
Joachim Heidrich, Leader Capacity Planning/Material Allocation, EWK.