EWLAEuropean Women Lawyers Association (Brussels, Belgium)
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EWLA is a non-profit making advocacy group founded by a group of women lawyers in 1995 to defend women's rights through the legal system, to raise public awareness about the plight of women, and to work for reforms promoting gender equality.
EWLA is a legal organization, but its aims are explicitly related to women's rights.
EWLA presents papers, does research, legal aid, goes to court, so much work.
EWLA works closely with the government, for example on violence against women with the police.
EWLA has been the most significant civil society actor involved in pressing for legal change.
Research by EWLA focused on issues such as 'Harmful Traditional Practices' (HTPs), and the implications of the federal revised Family Law on the rights of women.
In collaboration with the Network of Ethiopian Women's Associations (NEWA), EWLA produced the first ever Shadow Report on government compliance with CEDAW.
One of EWLA's central activities is the legal aid programme.
In commenting on what they perceive as EWLA's most significant achievements, members posited that revision of various laws has been a real success.
One EWLA member and lawyer pointed out the way EWLA stands out above other groups:
The training came out of a new partnership that was formed between municipal police in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia's capital city), the federal Supreme Court, the Ministry of Justice, the EWLA, and the LCES.
Prior to founding EWLA, Meaza Ashenafi was a legal advisor to the Constitution Commission of Ethiopia's transition government.