EWMCElectrical Workers Minority Caucus
EWMCElectronic Warfare Mission Commander
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From the start, the EWMC looked for opportunities to pro mote its mission and share its experience with other Caribbean library and archival collections, particularly in Jamaica, Barbados, and Puerto Rico, where there is interest in creating similar memorial collections that would combine "personal" exhibits of memorabilia, as well as scholarly centers of personal library collections and the archives of personal papers.
As with the EWMC, the development of similar programs and exhibitions in conjunction with UWI would also be a firm base for organizing academic programs in Jamaica and Barbados.
However, as Erica Williams Connell, daughter of Eric Williams and one of the prime movers for the creation of the EWMC, sees it, "now is the opportunity to create several physical foci, using the EWMC as a model, which will enable the Caribbean to preserve and project its historical heritage.