EWMSElectronic Warfare Management System
EWMSEarl Warren Middle School (Solana Beach, CA)
EWMSElectronic Warfare Mutual Support
EWMSEnvironmental and Waste Management Services (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
EWMSEierlegende Woll Milch Sau (German: Egg laying wooly milk pig)
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The EWMS is finding its way into the F-16 fleet, and BOL chaff is carried by the Navy's F-14.
Forming part of an interim defensive-aids upgrade, the F-111C EWMS application will tie together the aircraft's AN/ALR-62 radar warning receiver, a countermeasures-dispensing system and Elta EL/L-8222 jamming pod into a single control architecture.
The EWMS, officially designated the AN/ALQ-213(V), will be integrated with the aircraft's radar-warning receiver (see "Australia to Buy Excess US F-111s, RWRs," JED, May 1999, P.
The compact EWMS system receives inputs from the F-16's sensors (RWRs and missile warning systems) and controls jammers, dispensers or towed decoys.
An Advanced Countermeasures Dispenser System (ACMDS) is integral to the EWMS, permitting a more effective use of both free-flight and towed decoys.
EWMS has also been sold to various nations for use on the C-130H, C-160, Fokker 27 and Fennec helicopter.
Of these, the EWMS is fitted to or selected for use aboard Danish F-16 and C-130 aircraft, Dutch Fokker 60 and C-130 transports and the European F-16 mid-life update program.
The EWMS is in effect a one-stop control system which integrates previously discrete subsystems into a manageable whole.