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Ewoh says that bottom-up organizational input from diverse workers can increase the quality of decisions, (9) leading to more innovative and substantive policies.
Ewoh states that valuing diversity fosters interpersonal relationships and cooperation, eliminating the use of blatant expression of racism and sexism in the working environment.
The Georgia Constitution sets two conditions for the creation of a CID: a city or county resolution, and the consent of a simple majority of the commercial property owners who must also present at least 75 percent by value of all real property within the proposed district (Ewoh & Zimmermann, 2010).
Conversely, one of the reasons scholars agree that CIDs are beneficial is because of the flexibility granted to them, nonetheless, Ewoh and Zimmermann (2010) strongly contend that an oversight mechanism must be embedded in their structure to prevent CIDs from acting in a way that represents conflict of interest in their jurisdictions.