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EWOSEuropean Workshop for Open Systems
EWOSElectronic Warfare Operational Support
EWOSeWorld of Sports (Singapore Sporting Goods Superstore)
EWOSEuropart Werkstatt Online System (German: Europart Workshop Online System)
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As more and more signals are captured by satellites, radars and other devices, the signal detection process is no longer efficient in understanding the vast amount of data presented to EWOs on the battlefield.
He became the electronic warfare officer (EWO), non-commissioned officer-in-charge (NCOIC) at Camp Liberty in Baghdad.
Those initially designated EWOs were sent to Fort Sill, Okla., for a six-week course through the U.S.
Through its EWOS subsidiary, Cermaq ranks as the world's second largest producer of feed for salmonids.
Harper credits the Navy EWOs with bringing a fresh perspective to their operations.
Glossary ABM air battle manager ACW air control wing ADCON administrative control AEF air expeditionary force AGR Active Guard Reserve (Title 32 guard member on active duty) ANG Air National Guard ANGUS Air National Guard of the United States (Guard members on Title 10 status) AOR area of responsibility (as in a combatant commander's) ART Air Reserve Technician ASE airborne systems engineer on the RC-135 CMR combat mission ready CONOPS concept of operations CONUS continental United States CTS combat training squadron (usually a formal training unit) EWO electronic warfare officer or Raven on the RC-135 FTU formal training unit GS Government Service or skill level, i.e.
Over 300 of our talented EA-6B Prowler electronic warfare officers (EWOs) have deployed with various Army units in Afghanistan and Iraq to teach the soldiers electronic warfare concepts.
Primary sources of protein were menhaden fish meal (EWOS) and isolated soybean protein (92% CP), ingredients were maintained at a 2:1 ratio to ensure a common dietary amino acid profile that generally reflected the proportional composition of soft tissue for abalone (Fleming et al.
Wednesday, September 22--Session C3, Electronic Warfare Officers One-on-One Classified Session with PEOs (US Government Personnel Only): This session provides an opportunity for the user community and electronic-warfare officers (EWOs) to interface one-on-one with PEO Aviation, PEO IEW & S, and other US government decision-makers.
And perhaps this is the way that many parents view the role of truancy sweeps and education welfare officers (EWOs).
Neil Spreckley, managing director of Bathgate-based EWOS Ltd, said the study, published in the journal Science, had the potential to be 'very damaging' to those working in the industry.