EWPEmergency Watershed Protection
EWPEngineered Wood Products
EWPEncrypted Website Payments
EWPEasy Web Print
EWPEnterprise Web Protection
EWPEuropean Water Partnership (EU)
EWPEnd Water Poverty (est. 2007)
EWPEast West Players (Los Angeles, CA)
EWPEfficacy Working Party (Committee for Proprietary Medicinal Products; EU)
EWPElevated Work Platform
EWPEast-West Psychology (California)
EWPEastern White Pine
EWPExtended Warranty Program (various organizations)
EWPElectronic White Pages
EWPEmployee Work Profile
EWPElectronic Workplace
EWPEducation for Working Professionals (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
EWPElectronic Work Permit
EWPEnergized Work Permit (various organizations)
EWPEinweg-Palette (German: Disposable Pallet)
EWPElectronic Workpaper
EWPEver-Durable Warepad (suspension accessory)
EWPEnglish Writing Proficiency (various universities)
EWPEngineering Work Package
EWPEthics Working Party (International Stem Cell Forum)
EWPEarly Warning Point
EWPETSI Work Program
EWPEmergency War Plan
EWPEnhanced Working Position
EWPExtended WorkPass Program (New Jersey)
EWPEmployee Workplace
EWPElliot Wave Principal (observed fractal-like repetitions in asset values over time)
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They want to be able to follow numbers from the FP to the EWP without the need for a reconciliation.
EWP provides online access to the directory assistance databases of telephone companies nationwide.
165 alumni were found from a list of possibilities that were provided by EWP when an exact match was not made; and
The goal of the paper is calculation and experimental determination of the average geometrical features of the distribution of macroscopic EWP in circular cylindrical metallic conductors with pulsed axial current of high density.
Reggie added, This is my sixth collaboration with Tim at EWP.
EWP is a leading provider of customized expert witness research.
Abdulla Aleter, NBF's Head of HR, said that the bank's EWP will reinforce its reputation as an employer of choice for expatriates and Emiratis alike: "Health is certainly wealth as far as we are concerned, and NBF's new counselling service, which comes in English and Arabic, not only strengthens the foundations for a culture of openness and mutual support within the workplace, but signals our ongoing support of national development.
The EWP embarked on this initiative in 2009 with the development of standards and the definition of criteria.
According to the contract, Korea EWP is to offer operational and maintenance support and technical advice.
Ovotransferrin (OTf) is the second major constituent (12%) of EWP and its molecular weight is 78,000 with 683 amino acids.
EWP lumber was first exported to England in 1605, as the forests of Maine and then all of New England, supplied EWP timber demand for more than 200 years (Nelson 1973).
The EWP would report a separate column or columns for discretely presented component units but would not report fiduciary funds.