EWRIEnvironmental and Water Resources Institute
EWRIExtra War Risk Insurance (shipping)
EWRIEast West Research Institute (est. 1990; Centreville, VA)
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ASCE/ EWRI Permeable Pavements Task Committee members present the book as an essential reference for civil engineers, federal, state and municipal road and stormwater regulatory agencies, urban planners, landscape architects, and property owners planning to implement permeable pavements, an Environmental Protection Agency-recognized best management practice for stormwater control and improved site design.
During my term as President, I will strive to bring more recognition to EWRI of ASCE as a leader for professionals who plan, design, construct, and operate environmentally sound and sustainable solutions impacting air, land, and water resources, says Singh.
Proceedings of the 2007 EWRI World Environmental and Water Resources Congress.
The American Society of Civil Engineers has delivered this brief booklet that describes two new standard guidelines (EWRI 50-08 and EWRI 51-08) on fitting saturated hydraulic conductivity.