EWRSEuropean Weed Research Society
EWRSEarly Warning Reporting System
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As escalas ELS e EWRS foram traduzidas para o portugues de Portugal por Carvalho & Peralta (2011), e adaptadas semanticamente para a realidade do publico-alvo de policiais a partir da realizacao de dois pre-testes.
Inicialmente, sao apresentados os resultados da validacao cruzada das duas escalas: ELS e EWRS.
No Grupo-Treinamento, a amostra mostrou-se favoravel (p < 0,001): ELS (KMO = 0,76) e EWRS (KMO = 0,72).
A AFE realizada com a EWRS apresentou uma estrutura de dois fatores com seis itens, explicando 43% da variancia ([alpha] = 0,70).
On the other hand, deep acting was associated only with the EWRS scales, a sense of personal accomplishment, and identification with one's role.
SAN FRANCISCO -- AMERICAN SHARED HOSPITAL SERVICES (NYSE AMEX:AMS), a leading provider of turnkey technology solutions for advanced radiosurgical and radiation therapy services, announced today that the Gamma Knife[R] Perfexion[TM] system it supplied to Florence Nightingale Hospital Group in Istanbul through its EWRS Turkey subsidiary has begun treating patients.
Through its GK Financing subsidiary, AMS has established a financing company in Turkey, EWRS TIBB CHAZLAR TCARET LMTED dZRKET (EWRS), in partnership with EMKA LLC, an affiliate of Ankara-based OZYouREK A.
The EWRS are effective if they have: political support at the highest level, inter-institutional coordination, and sufficient financial resources for their implementation.
They can be used at any levelnational, municipal or localdepending the intended purpose of an EWRS at the time it is created.
ACT EWRS needs to provide summary reporting at the school, district, state, regional and national levels, being careful not to count students twice.