EWRSEuropean Weed Research Society
EWRSEarly Warning Reporting System
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It is aimed at improving the leadership qualities and management skills of EWRs for better implementation of various schemes, impart knowledge on important legislation and monitor asset creation and public works.
The systems for electronic chattel paper under the U.C.C., electronic transferable records under the MLETR, and EWRs under the new Mexican system, explicitly replicate paper instruments and documents under the applicable law.
(ii) Opportunity for EWRs to present their demands to the State and Central Governments.
As escalas ELS e EWRS foram traduzidas para o portugues de Portugal por Carvalho & Peralta (2011), e adaptadas semanticamente para a realidade do publico-alvo de policiais a partir da realizacao de dois pre-testes.
Membership of: Nordic Association of Agricultural Scientists (NJS), International Soil Tillage Research Organisation (ISTRO) and Lithuanian Soil Science Society at the Department of Agriculture and Forestry in Lithuanian Academy of Science and European Weed Research Society (EWRS).
To make force protection improvements throughout the battlespace, the brigade hired individuals for specific projects through field ordering officer payments, sent engineer work requests (EWRs) to the division for Task Force Liberty engineers, and developed short term PR&Cs.
Aiman Midani, MD; Inez Carels, MS; Michael Marks, PhD; Michael Wall, PhD; EWRS Study Team (*)
The proof point for success for Monarch Hydraulics was determining how many EWRs were submitted and successfully completed.
The modest correlations between the ELS and EWRS subscales indicates that there is some overlap in the constructs being measured by the two scales and, thus, provides some evidence of the convergent validity of the ELS.
In `Proceedings 1988 EWRS Symposium: Factors affecting herbicidal activity and selectivity.' pp.
This model, termed the Equal Weighted Relative Strength (EWRS) model, examines the relative strength of fund performance by testing the serial correlation of evaluation horizon returns with that of the fund's investment period returns.