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EWSExchange Web Services (Microsoft)
EWSEnduro World Series (mountain biking)
EWSEarly Warning System
EWSEwing's Sarcoma
EWSExtended Warranty Service (product performance)
EWSElectronic Weather Station (various companies)
EWSEyes Wide Shut (Stanley Kubrick movie)
EWSEmerson Waldorf School (Chapel Hill, NC)
EWSEmbedded Web Server (HP printers that have ethernet and server capability)
EWSEducation Welfare Service (UK)
EWSElectronic Watchdog System
EWSEuropean Warranty System
EWSEnterprise Wap Server
EWSEnterprise Wide Scheduling
EWSEmbedded Web Server
EWSEdge Wireless System
EWSExecutive Workstation
EWSExcite for Web Servers
EWSEnterprise Web Services
EWSEarth Wheel Sky (band)
EWSEmployee Welfare Scheme (India)
EWSEast Woods School (Long Island, NY)
EWSEnglish, Welsh and Scottish (UK railway operator)
EWSE Web Solutions (various locations)
EWSElectronic Wood Systems (various locations)
EWSEconomically Weaker Section
EWSEmergency Warning System
EWSEnvironmental Waste Solutions
EWSEngineering Work Station
EWSEmployee Written Software (IBM)
EWSExpeditionary Warfare School (US Marine Corps)
EWSEnvironmental Water Systems (est. 1987)
EWSElectronic Warfare Squadron
EWSElectronic Warfare Support
EWSEmergency Water Supply
EWSEngineered Wood Systems (trade association)
EWSEarly Warning Signal
EWSEthel Walker School (Simsbury, CT)
EWSEmma Willard School (Troy, NY, founded in 1814)
EWSElectronic Warfare Suite
EWSEthernet Wire Service
EWSEmery/Weiner School (Houston, TX)
EWSExtreme Wide Shot (video photography)
EWSEye Wash Station
EWSElectrical Wafer Sorting (operation of electrically testing dice on a silicon wafer)
EWSEngineering Watch Supervisor
EWSEudora Welty Society (writing; est. 1987)
EWSEuropean Webservice
EWSEmpty Wallet Syndrome
EWSEastern Washington State
EWSEarly Wet Season
EWSEnterprise Web Service
EWSElectronic Weighing Scale
EWSEmerson, Wajdowicz Studios (design firm; New York, NY)
EWSEthanol Withdrawal Syndrome
EWSEast Wiltshire School (Cornwall, Prince Edward Island, Canada)
EWSEthernet Workgroup Switch
EWSExtended Workplace Solutions
EWSExecutive World Services, Inc. (Braselton, GA)
EWSExecutive Wine Seminars, Inc (New York, NY)
EWSElectronic Warfare Supervisor/System
EWSElectronic Warfare Simulator
EWSEnterprise Work Station
EWSExecutive Work Station
EWSEngineering Worksheet
EWSEgypt Web Solutions
EWSExtended Workplace Service (Sprint)
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Now, the water stewardship network of expert practitioners and auditors under the umbrella of the EWS can greatly ease the burden of data collection, aggregation and reporting, while also offering scalable multi-site solutions that extend the insights provided by the Standard, with additional analytical tools, including internal and external benchmarking, supply chain assessments, location-based stress tests and near real time corporate-level monitoring," explains Noam Gressel, CEO of ECO-OS.
During the admission process of someone known to him, he became aware about the EWS quota in the schools," Yadav said.
MacBean said EWS hasn't yet decided what the best use of the plant will be.
Many of the potential risks inherent in using EWS stem from ignoring or downplaying the facets of education that make it a different ballgame.
by John Howard Wilson, "The Deserted Post," EWS 43.
EWS (UK) Ltd were asked to be the main contractor for the additional water treatment required at the site as we had proved our capabilities on the first line.
EWS Search is an executive search firm, a part of the EXS global network in India, caters to the niche segment of highly senior level appointments.
Of course, it is impossible to completely eradicate criminal activity in the field of international sports betting, and EWS is fully aware of these limitations, but, nevertheless, is committed to doing all it possibly can, wherever possible, to identify, prevent and expose irregular and illegal betting on sport in general - EWS monitored the 2008 Beijing Olympics - and football in particular.
Furthermore, he raised the question of the potential damage which inclusion in the current EWS may cause to the reputation of concerned parties.
EWS, which was launched in 1996 after the company acquired four divisions of British Rail's rail freight operations, is owned by investors including rail operator Canadian National and private equity company Berkshire Partners.
The EWS 100 is an important factor in our ability to offer our customers a high-quality wireless mesh networking service," said Frank McCarthy, president of Citi Wifi Networks.