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EWSPEuropean Workshop on Planning (computer science)
EWSPEuropean Workshop on Planning
EWSPElectronic Warfare Self Protection
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A robust EWSP can provide a road map for response and recovery by providing the guidance to assess water usage, response capabilities, and water alternatives.
The objective of this planning guide is to help health care facilities develop a robust EWSP as part of its overall facility EOP and to meet the published standards set forth by the Joint Commission and the CMS.
BAE Systems Australia and Tenix Defence were awarded government-funded Initial Design Activity (IDA) contracts in 2001 to develop a common fixed- and rotary-wing EWSP architecture for Australian Army S-70A Black Hawk and CH-47D Chinook helicopters and Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) C-130H Hercules airlifters.
Finally, on June 23 the Australian government's defense-procurement agency, the Defence Materiel Organisation (Canberra, ACT, Australia), decided that Tenix Defence will install and integrate an EWSP suite on the RAAFs 12-strong fleet of C-130H Hercules airlifters.
In 2001 Tenix Defence (Sydney, Australia) and BAE Systems Australia (Adelaide, Australia) were awarded Initial Design Activity (IDA) contracts to develop a fleetwide EWSP architecture for the Australian Defence Force which would reduce the cost of acquisition, support, and software and threat-library upgrades.
According to a BAE source, the ASTOR EWSP, or Defensive Aids Group (DAG) -- based on BAE's Defensive Aids Subsystem for the UK's Replacement Maritime Patrol Aircraft, the Nimrod II -- includes the BAE (Yonkers, NY) AN/ALR-56M radar warning receiver (RWR), the BAE (Nashua, NH) AN/AAR-57 Common Missile Warning System, the W.
Also, the RAAF's F-111 fleet will receive further improvements to its EWSP systems.
In a discussion with JED at last month's AOC International Symposium and Convention in Las Vegas, NV, the industry source questioned the wisdom of severing the EWSP requirement from the platform-procurement program, noting that "we saw how well that worked with the UAE F-16 buy." The selection of an EW suite for the UAE's latest tranche of F-16s, separate from the choice of the aircraft itself, was hit with numerous delays, causing a gap of nearly two years between the selection of the F-16 and the choosing of an EW suite for the aircraft (see "UAE Selects F-16 Block 60 but EW Suite Still Undecided," JED, June 1998, p.
Also present at the trials was a Mirage 2000D, fitted with its integrated EWSP system, developed by Thomson, and employing a Matra BAe Dynamics decoy launcher.
The project is designed to create a generic EWSP suite for a range of Australian Defence Force (ADF) aircraft and helicopters: different elements will be applied to the Royal Australian Air Force's 35 F-111 strike aircraft and 24 C-130 Hercules transport aircraft, to the Navy's seven Sea King helicopters and to the Army's 37 Sikorsky S-70A Blackhawk and 6 Boeing CH-47D Chinook helicopters.
The largest of these, Project Echidna, aims to acquire an open-system architecture which will support a generic EW Self-Protection (EWSP) suite for a range of Australian fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft: 34 F-111s, 12 C-l30Js, 36 S-70s, six CH-47Ds and seven Mk50 helicopters.
Both the PIDS and ECIPS (ECIPS-162) were originally developed for the Danish Air Force and have been brought together as major subsystems in Udsen's federated EW Self-Protection (EWSP) concept.