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EWTEmitter Wrap-Through (solar cells)
EWTEastern War Time
EWTExpected Wait Time (calls)
EWTEntering Water Temperature
EWTEducational World Travel (Australia)
EWTEstimated Waiting Time
EWTExtended Well Testing
EWTElliot Wave Theory
EWTEarly Warning Test
EWTEast West Technology (Jupiter, FL)
EWTEye Witness Testimony
EWTExpanded Withholding Tax
EWTEmbedded Web Technology
EWTExpeditionary Warfare Testbed
EWTEast-West Technology Corporation (Jupiter, FL)
EWTEstimated Work Time
EWTEmpowered Work Team
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Lastly, the higher bond strength of the AH Plus relative to Pulp Canal Sealer EWT was reported at all levels (apical, middle, and coronal).
She said EWT is at the forefront of conducting applied research, supporting community conservation and livelihoods, training and building capacity, addressing human-wildlife capacity conflict, monitoring threatened species and establishing safe spaces for wildlife range expansion.
Among the traps tested for their potential as HLC replacements, the Esperanza Window Traps (EWTs) were more promising than the other designs [19].
commissioned EWT with around 10 BP staff and with our contractor working along with us.
The horizontal slinky loop field handled the weather extremes of 2015 very well, keeping the EWT within the operating range of the GSHPs.
After the preprocessed noise signal is decomposed by the EWT algorithm, empirical modal components can be obtained.
The court also imposed a 20 percent deficiency interest on the remaining P181,296.60 basic EWT, a 25 percent delinquency interest on the amount of P226,620.75 (the sum of the basic EWT and the 25 percent surcharge), and a 20 percent delinquency interest on the P4.94 million penalty that accrued from the late payment of basic tax.
Turbine model Rated Wind class Rotor Hub height (m) power diameter Enercon 800 kW IEC--IIA 48 m 50, 55, 60, 65, 76 E48-800 EWT DW54-900 900 kW IEC--IIIA 54 m 40, 50, 75 Gamera 850 kW IEC -IIA/HIB 58 m 44, 49, 55, 65, 74 G58-850 Table 5: Wind turbine power output for Enercon E48-800.
Moreover, in a flood/drainage situation there is a need of quick, cheap, regional and accurate value of equivalent water thickness (EWT).
Condensing boilers require entering water temperature (EWT) in the 100[degrees]F (55[degrees]C) range to actually condense water out of the exiting flue gas.
In 2012, a $10.8 million expansion added two EWT DirectWind 900 kilowatt turbines, which more than doubled the power output of the entire project for a total of 2.95 megawatts, according to the Alaska Energy Authority.