EWTOEuropean Wing Tsun Organisation (Kung Fu)
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But WingTsun also teaches you how to defend yourself should an attacker be immune to your gift of the gab: "At the EWTO, we know that most people don't have time to train for the many long years it takes to become a Master in this discipline," says Alexander, who is himself a Level 1 Master.
Created by Grand Master Prof Dr Kernspecht, founder of EWTO, the BlitzDefence is a simplified system for the beginner which focuses on five main points: the five stages of aggression, the four attack positions, the three moves used to counteract an assault, the two defence positions, and the one ultimate goal -- freedom of movement and no fear.
EWTO runs WingTsun lessons in Limassol and Nicosia, with separate classes for adults and children.