EWTSEmbedded Wireless Telemetry System
EWTSEmbedded Web Telemetry System (security)
EWTSExtended Wylie Transliteration Scheme (Tibet)
EWTSEnchanté Wine Tasting Society (Texas)
EWTSEnterprise Web Training System (US DoD)
EWTSElectronic Warfare Training Squadron
EWTSEvil Website Testing Suite (open source project)
EWTSEuropäische Wissenschaftstage Steyr (German: European Science Days Steyr)
EWTSEast West Technical Services LLC (NMFS Observer Program)
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For improving the separation performance for the mixed sources having more serious overlap of frequency, Gilles proposed the empirical wavelet transform (EWT) to extract more information from the frequency domain with reference to EMD [17-18].
(2013) worked on optimizing the EWTs to enhance their ability to capture black flies and to determine if the results reported by Rodriguez-Perez et al.
In 2012, a $10.8 million expansion added two EWT DirectWind 900 kilowatt turbines, which more than doubled the power output of the entire project for a total of 2.95 megawatts, according to the Alaska Energy Authority.
Ten-year sizing runs were made at multiple bore lengths for the GSIHP and two-capacity GSHPwDS to determine the required length to stay within the minimum (winter) and maximum (summer) 10-year design EWTs. (As the minimum and maximum EWTs are approaching asymptotic values at 10 years of operation, 20-year values would be only slightly higher.) Table 1 shows the assumed soil characteristics and grout types for the 5 U.S.
Figure 5 indicates the ground loop is operating as intended after nine years of operation since LWTs are near 90[degrees]F (32[degrees]C) and EWTs are near 100[degrees]F (38[degrees]C) on a day near with a high OAT above the local 95[degrees]F (35[degrees]C) design condition.
For this phase of the development it is recommended a smaller Barge be mobilised in order to reduce the EWT operating costs.
The EDA gives EATs a reference to assist in the development of EWTs, support personnel, and special equipment.
However, smaller sites did not have this support and EWTs quickly ran into problems obtaining chains and bar oil.
The EWT never fell below 43[degrees]F (6.0[degrees]C) even when the outside air temperature (OAT) was at -5[degrees]F (-15[degrees]C).
Certain criteria should be fulfilled before a lesion can be regarded as an adult EWT. The histologic structure of the primary neoplasm, which must be in an extrarenal location, should confirm the presence of primitive blastemal components and provide evidence of abortive or embryonic tubular or glomeruloid structures.