EWURAEnergy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (Tanzania)
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This information on prices is intended to enable stakeholders make informed decisions on petroleum prices at a particular time," said Ngamlagosi, noting that EWURA would continue to encourage competition in the sector by making available pricing information on petroleum products, including the price caps.
In a spontaneous reaction to the EWURA announcement, one economist, Dr Joseph Massawe, said fluctuations in the price of petroleum products have a direct impact on the prices of other products and services, but that today's drop of fuel prices may not necessarily lead to the reduction in prices for other commodities and services.
Bruce Rowlands, President and CEO, Eurocontrol Technics said, 'Eurocontrol/GFI are pleased to have signed our contract for the EWURA project and look forward to preparing for implementation, which will begin later this summer.
EWURA intends to establish zonal offices to achieve these goals and to ease service delivery.
EWURA chairman, Mr Simon Sayore said in the statement, Therefore, I take this opportunity to inform our stakeholders, regulated entities and the general public of these changes and ask them to give Mr Ngamlagosi maximum cooperation to enable him perform his functions and duties as the Director General of EWURA.
Monthly prices were fixed by EWURA s communication and public relations manager Titus Kaguo, with fluctuation in world market fuel prices, and also said that there was a shortage of fuel on the local market, but said the scarcity was exacerbated by local marketing companies that exploit the situation by reducing supplies to retailers.
As per the new guidelines, EWURA offers standardised small project tariffs aimed at accelerating rural electrification.