EXADExcellence Through Advanced Technologies
EXADExplosives Advisor
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yom exad bi-zman se-yacati-P1 me-ha-mexonit 'One day at-the-time that [=right when] got-out:1st of my car 6.
ha-olam 0mucaf be-anasim u-le-xol exad mehem 0be 'ayot rabot u-merubot.
In narratives, these include markers of foreground temporal sequencing, such as axar-kax `afterwards', to indicate episodic sequencing, or markers of temporal background, such as be exad ha yamim `one fine day', which specifies the time frame of the text.
These include markers of foreground temporal sequencing such as basof `in the end'; background temporal anchoring such as be exad ha yamim `in one of the days'; and nontemporal markers such as ulam `however'.
In Europe it bought Exad Galons, a French business process and IT consulting firm, for $5m and Hackenberg, a German networking and database services company specializing in Peoplesoft implementations, for $3.2m.
(11.) In colloquial speech, speakers usually prefer a partitive containing a preposition (exad me-ha-yeladim `one of-the-boys') over the one in (6), which is considered more formal.
In connection with the purchase, the buyer changed its name to Experience Art and Design Inc, a Nevada corporation which will trade on the OTCQB under the symbol EXAD as of today.