EXBSUS Export Control and Related Border Security Assistance
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EXBS expressed it will continue to engage with and support the BOC in advanced data collection and the eventual implementation of an automated targeting system.
Kargov assessed that the equipment and the knowledge and skills gained through the EXBS program lately enabled detection, namely prevention of many cases of illicit trade.
89 million in EXBS funding in FY2013 and an estimated $3 million in
In April 2000, during a tour of Central Asia, Secretary of State Madeline Albright announced the new CASI that encompassed six assistance programs, including EXBS, ICP, and other counterterrorism, counternarcotics (CN), law enforcement, and customs reform efforts, that had been designed to improve border security operations.
EXBS is a global program that works in over 60 countries to enhance international export controls and strengthen border security capabilities.
The EXBS program is the United States Government's premier initiative to help other countries improve their export control systems"" said Ambassador Sison.
Brown and EXBS program assistant Kirsten Armstrong.
Staff members began developing strategies to harmonize the various programs, including those executed by DTRA that were previously seen as unrelated to security cooperation, as well as some outside of DOD's purview, such as the State Department's EXBS program.
EXBS has supported a variety of training courses for Philippine Coast Guard personnel, both in the Philippines and in the United States.
EXBS Assistance Program to increase its ability to monitor the flow of goods and persons across its borders through enhancing border security infrastructure.
For example, the State Department's EXBS program uses a Rating Assessment Tool with a 419-point survey to score a country's licensing, enforcement, industry outreach, and nonproliferation regime adherence.
The request further includes a small increase for EXBS.