EXCCExercise Control Center
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Thus, for curable functional obsolescence, the four-step formula actually has three components subtracted from the depreciated reproduction cost of the whole property: 1) the depreciated reproduction cost of the existing item with a defect, if any, 2) the EXCC, and 3) the replacement cost new of the substitute replacement item.
The purchaser's out-of-pocket CC will equal the replacement cost new of NI and the EXCC, namely.
Bar B represents the depreciated reproduction cost after deducting the three components in the four-step method, namely, the physically depreciated cost of the existing defect item, the EXCC, and the controversial component-the replacement cost new (or used) of the substitute item.
D-Stream [14], MR-Stream [9], and ExCC [15] are grid-based clusterings over data stream.
ExCC (exclusive and complete clustering) [15] is a density grid-based clustering for heterogeneous data stream.