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EXCITEExploitation with Collaborative Interoperable Technology
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1-inch screen tablets that looks similar in size and weight to the Toshiba Excite 10 SE, with their black front and textured silver rear.
However, the advent of serious profits from the cell phone contents business meant that if Excite wanted a piece of that profit stream, they had to quickly find a solution to compete with other portals.
The mean length of Excite queries increased steadily from 1.
As part of the termination agreement, Excite says Netscape "may be required to refund Excite amounts prepaid or costs Excite has incurred in performing under the Netcenter agreement.
Excite@Home has replaced its Excite Pal instant messaging system with another product called Excite Messenger.
ramping up its Internet presence, announced Thursday it has formed an alliance with World Wide Web search specialist Excite Inc.
Excite@Home Australia has launched its WAP portal, enabling Excite users to access personalised content from their mobile phones.
Excite@Home is merging its Australian Excite and @Home operations with the existing @Home ventures, naming the combined operations Excite@Home Australia Pty Ltd.
In addition, Excite@Home will offer Vstream's voice-to-e-mail engine free of charge to consumers through its Excite Mail and Excite Club services, enabling users to add voice messages to their e-mails.